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Zindagi hai, seekhte ja rahe. ARKAM


These are probably the first two lines that I ever wrote though I didn’t actually wrote these. I thought of this, and I remember this even now, with the same exact wordings and the same exact idea I had then.
It was long ago, when I thought up this, more than a decade now.

Even then, it was about Nothing.
Even today, it’s about nothing but a simple imagery it gives of ‘raindrops falling and streaming with the river, and the fishes who would keep on swimming, and a full moon which keeps on rising in the background sky. Thus making it a perfect landscape painting but not with minute detailing.

Then why should i even call it a picture when it’s not.
No, it’s a sketch of a picture, a simple line-drawing of a picture. The kind a child would make without any mindfulness but with all the imagination and vividness the mind could gather.
This is a Child’s Idea. This is a child’s idea of a perfect picture.

I’m humbly confident it has nothing to do with the so called ‘Poetic Sense’ except the (thankful) rhyme these lines possess with each other.
And also hopeful that I’d be surprised by the idea it would represent someday.

One Day in the future, I heard ‘Someday’ is really just a code for ‘Never’.

Hopefully, just like everyone else, these lines would find their destiny in their missing Poem and complete their sense. Fulfill their destiny.

And thus,
Make it one complete Poem about something…       A Mindful One.
Make it one complete Poem about everything… A Thoughtful One.

But it’s the one i never wrote, the one I’m not writing.
The one I’m hopeful of existing and hopefully finding.

The one which would accept these Poem-less lines to be part of it.
The one which would be about something, when these be part of it.

All I can do now, is set them free in search of their pertinence.
All I’m doing now, is setting them free to find their significance.

The Idea, the picture, those first two lines are :

“Upar se gira ek paani ka tukda, nadi me bah gaya,
Machhli tairti rah gayi, Chand nikalta rah gaya…”!!